wedding day

It was a really busy and fun day. I got up early and went to bed at haf past 1! My best bit was hollding the rings and the bounsey castle. and the fireworks and disco.Everyone was prowed of me.


The five little puppies and the big bad kittens battle

One sunny morning there were five cheeky little puppies and five bad kitties who didn’t live together.  That day the five kitties went out for a walk and met the five cheeky puppies who were hiding in a tree ready to jump on them.The five puppies swung down from the branches and landed on the bad kittens who let out a squeal and went round and round and finally hit into a tree, but the puppies managed to jump off just in time and diappeared into the valley.  THE END.

Mr Twit

We are going to tell you some things about Mr Twit.

Mr Twit Is very, very rode, mean and gruby and also he has a very strang smill. It you nottis when you have dinner or lunch with Mr Twit he gets food all in his big, black, hiry bered.


Today we have been lurning about hedgehog’s.We are going to tell you about hedgehog’s.Hedgehog’s role up into a ball because they don’t want any boddy to eat them.On there back’s they have 5’000 spiks on them.

Learning about Mr. Twit!

On monday and tuesday i lernt about Mr. Twit. Do you like Mr. Twit he isant very nice he is greedy and dose triks on Mrs. Twit he even put a frog in her bed. Thay playing tricks on each other every day thay have never stoped playing trick on each other not evan one day.

The three Little puppys

Once upon a time there was three little puppy’s and one was called shannon and the other one was called mia then the last one was called maisie and there mother was called charlotte. The three little puppy’s said to the mother can we live by ouo you not want to live self’s with me well let all of us yes siad the frist puppy yes said the second puppy yes said the third puppy so they all lived with there mother and also the mother loved  her little girl puppy’s.Then the mother said shell we play games and the puppy’s said yes then they all lived happly ever after the end


 Flashing fireworks in the blue sky!The massive buildings that has millons of windows.Multicolured fireworks like poping balloons.Boats swaying over the massive waves.The giant statue of liberty standing in the sky.

The three little puppys

Once upon a time there were three little puppys who lived in a big house and it was nice and tidy.The three little puppys asked there mother if they can live by themselves and the mother said no please said the three little puppys ok said the mother so they ran down the hill.

5 Sentence Challenge

Mrs Skinner, who created the 5 sentence challenge, went to New York in America. It has lots of sky scrapers and of course the Statue of Liberty.  So the theme for this challenge is this picture of New York. It is not a real photograph but shows what it is like. Try writing 5 very detailed sentences about what you see. Remember to try and use connectives, adjectives, maybe some similes or alliteration and use excellent punctuation and sentence openers. Have fun!

DSCF3226 1024x768 5 Sentence Challenge